Tapping Maples– Entry for Spring Fling Writing Contest 2021

There is so much to love about writing contests, and this one run by Kaitlyn Leann Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal is one of my all time favorites! Why? Well, prizes. The chance to read others’ excellent work. Prizes. Deadlines that force me to write something new. Did I mention prizes already? If you haven’t yet entered the 2021 Spring Fling contest, be sure to check it out here. Word limit of 150, and a theme of spring is all you really need to know to get you going.

Tapping Maples
150 words

Spring in bloom.
Sap expands,
dripping, dripping
in our hands.

A hole we drill,
a tap we pound.
Maple sap drips
to the ground.

Grab a tube
and bucket quick!
Sugar sap,
sweet to lick.

When nights are cold
and days warm up,
watch the sap
fill up the cup.

Filter it.
Shoo, flies, shoo!
We have lots
of work to do.

Tools we need:
-big, deep pot
-heat so hot.

Boil and boil
and boil away.
Sap will thicken
slow this way.

Walk away,
forget to check.
Smoke alarm:
that batch is wrecked.

Try again.
Collect and pour.
Keep it close,
boil some more.  

Starts like water,
thin and clear.
Browning now,
we persevere.

7 degrees
above a boil
sap to syrup
from the soil.

Thick and dark,
let’s pour and see           
if we’ve reached
right density.

66 brix!
Take a bow.
Time to make
some waffles now.

10 thoughts on “Tapping Maples– Entry for Spring Fling Writing Contest 2021”

  1. Hehe great ending and wow I learned so much in this poem! If you haven’t subscribed to Renee LaTullipe’s youtube channel, definitely check it out. If you can’t find it, check out my resources page, you’ll love it with your rhyme skills!


  2. This is wonderful. I love maple syrup, you have done a great job explaining how it’s tapped and made. Good luck!


  3. Fascinating subject! Tapping Maples has great rhythm, diction (“dripping, dripping in our hands”), and sensory details (“Sugar sap, sweet to lick”). I love how your MCs wrecked the first batch, learned from their mistake, and ultimately experienced maple syrup (and waffle) victory! This is delightful.


  4. I learned a lot from this piece about syrup. But there is one thing I know would be true if I had to make syrup, there would definitely be more than one burned batch! Hehe. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you for this contest and comment, Ciara! I burned 3 batches before we tasted any syrup. After that, I ditched my initial method and went a completely different direction. Not unlike writing, maybe?


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