Fall Frenzy Writing Challenge


Red apples crisp and blush.
Our hands pluck and reach.
Air is cooling, but there’s no rush.
Pick a pear, pick a plum, pick a golden peach.

Maple leaves we rake.
Barn hay we stack.
Watch the geese lift off the lake.
Don’t worry, Mama, they’ll be back.

Pile the wood while the rooster crows.
Wear your scarf, your hat, your mittens.
Frost is cold now on your nose.
Keep your eyes out for black kittens.

Deer grow hungry here
becoming bolder day by the day,
drawing close to hydrangeas near
though in summer they stayed far away.

We light a fire in the grate.
We warm some chocolate in a mug.
Though sun sets early, we celebrate.
I pull you close into a hug.

Soon the snow will fall,
and leaves will all be gone.
Let’s line our corn stalks on the wall,
while pumpkins decorate the lawn.

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