Daffodil Picture Book Challenge


Welcome to the first, annual–wait. Maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself. It’s just a fun chance to while away the winter blues with a little writing challenge. I’d love for you to join me in writing a lyrical picture book. It doesn’t have to rhyme. The story must include (or at least refer to) daffodils.

Limit 315 words, due by…you guessed it…3/15/19.

As to prizes: obviously since this is my first week on the old blogosphere, there won’t be a prize. Sorry about that.

Paste yours into the comments along with your blog link. I’ll announce a winner March 25th!

Here’s my own example (it won’t be part of the competition)…


Daffodil Winter

Ice melts;

a bud peeks through.

Winter warms.

It grows for you.

Cold snap!

Frozen rescue.

Blooms rest

in a vase of blue.


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