Going on a Book Hunt

bear hunt

“Gonna catch a big one! What a beautiful day! We’re not scared.” -Michael Rosen from Going on a Bear Hunt, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury.

We’re not scared.

Or are we? I know I am. Writing is hard. And scary. And writing well takes so much time. It feels like the end goal is impossible, the odds are against us, we’ll never get there, and even if we do, our lives will be so consumed with effort trying to keep us there that perhaps we should give up before we really start and head on home.

One thing that has kept me going recently is the feeling that I’m not alone on the journey. That there are some really generous and talented writers who can challenge me to be better– yes, even the ones querying the same agents that I am.

I want to take a moment here with this blog to celebrate the beautiful about this craft and the children who receive the words we write as a community.

Thanks for stopping by, college roomies (and maybe 2 others?). Where would I be without you?


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